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Learn about our work on artificial intelligence / computer vision / deep learning, through dynamic, (hopefully) entertaining and (hopefully) understandable scientific videos!

We are deep learning enthusiast Post-Doc researchers at the University of Liège (Belgium -- that’s a small kingdom in Europe, just in case).

Featured videos

Semi-Supervised Learning to Improve Detections

In this video, we present our latest paper: “Semi-Supervised Training To Improve Player and Ball Detection in Soccer” published at the CVPR 2022 workshop CVsports. This work introduces a semi-supervised learning method to improve the object detection using a large amount of unlabeled data. Particularly, we tackle object detection from satellite images and soccer videos.

Soccer Player Tracking, Re-ID, Camera Calibration and Action Spotting - SoccerNet Challenges 2022

In this video, we present our new SoccerNet Challenges for CVPR 2022! We introduce the three tasks of Calibration, Re-identification and Tracking on soccer games, in partnership with EVS Broadcast Equipment, SportRadar and Baidu Research. We also reiterate our previous Action Spotting and Replay Grounding Challenges at the ActivityNet workshop. Good luck fighting for the throne!